Claim your rebate

Comprehensive GRC Solutions

You can claim a rebate in a few simple and easy steps. All you have to do is to register yourself with any of the OnlineCompliancePanel's Live Webinar and enter the promotion code where it is requested.

Important Points to Remember
  • Enter the correct Promotional Code for your claim.
  • If you get an error message on typing the promotion code it could be only because of two reasons: 1) The code you typed was incorrect. 2) The offer has closed.
  • A product key can be used only once to participate in a promotion. If you have not claimed the rebate using that key, please contact the Online Compliance Panel Customer Support team and we will check into it for you.
  • Once your registration and purchase is complete you will receive an email invoice to your registered email address. If you did not receive a confirmation email from it may be because your email address was not entered correctly (or check your Junk mail folder).
  • If you have a question about the status of your rebate claim, please contact the Online Compliance Panel Customer Support, provide us your product key and claim confirmation number, and we will check for you.
Tips on entering your Product Key
  • Enter every alphabets and numbers of your promotional code.
  • Make sure you enter each digit exactly as you see it - UPPER CASE letters, and numbers - and in the right order.
  • Some numbers and letters can look similar, e.g. 6 and G or 8 and B or 0 and O. Do make sure which it should be.
For any further support or assistance contact Customer Support:
Call us at this Toll Free number: 510-857-5896