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Comprehensive GRC Solutions

Onlinecompliancepanel is a dedicated team of youngsters, who work in tandem with the latest US FDA regulations/regulatory compliance in creating training sessions suitable for individuals and corporations. These sessions are simple, interactive and cost effective. We are a predominantly web based information exchange forum. Our interactive training sessions could be beneficial to corporations thriving in industries such as pharmaceuticals, drugs and chemicals, FDA compliance, medical devices, packaging and labeling, food and beverages, banking and finance, audits and inspections, recalls and crisis management and many more. We emphasizes in offering regulatory compliance training to compliance professionals on varied topics. These primarily include risk management, quality management, corporate compliance and other regulatory compliances. Some of our primary areas of focus include advancement and updates in regulatory compliance, best practices, risk management and market trends.

Professional training, in the essential quality disciplines, contributes to both the competitiveness of your business and also to personal motivation; it broadens the experience and accelerates the development of those who participate. We provide training in a number of ways:
Live Webinars

In the global market, sifting through a large number of disparate regulations, mandates and guidelines can seem an almost daunting task. However, understanding global regulations is more important than ever. We bring forth an immaculate number of live webinars every month that will help attendees face even the toughest global regulatory compliance challenges.

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In-Person Seminars

We also conduct interactive in-person seminars at regular intervals for the global customers. User engagement is the key to any successful coaching program, and our courses are driven by practical examples and interactive scenarios to ensure users truly understand and recognize compliance issues of at most importance to your business and learn to intuitively act to support them.

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Recorded Webinars

We provide buyers the opportunity to access all our recorded sessions. On purchase of our recorded training sessions, a participant can gain unlimited access to the deck and recordings for a period of six months. We have also created certain package training materials of webinars of similar topics/ industries, which are available to the customers as combo packs.

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We Believe in Providing the Best Training Solutions
Our objectives of employing interactive mediums ensure effective communication and mutual exchange of ideas. We closely follow best practices and regulatory trends in the global compliance scenario. We also observe and communicate trends witnessed in FDA, ISO regulations, process and design validation. All updates and additions to important laws can be accessed by our customers in real time.
Over 1000 Training Programs and Still Counting
Our mission is to empower compliance professionals through effective online training sessions. Our world class training methodologies stem from comprehensive understanding of client requirements. The content conforming to FDA and ISO standards is developed by well qualified and experienced industry leaders. Our offerings will exceed expectations and add value to your investment.
We strive to incorporate high standards in developing a culture facilitating exchange of ideas resulting in functional excellence. We believe in nurturing ideas and thought processes through innovative e-learning methodologies. Our products and services are designed to offer customized solutions to industry and market. We bridge the gap between experience and knowledge thus delivering original and creative content. The content in various categories such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology will raise the bar in terms of quality already on offer .We hope to contribute to the creation of responsible organizations creating benchmarks in quality, integrity and transparency.