Social Confidence Skills for Quietly Brilliant People

Duration: 150 Minutes
Research shows that only 15% of success is due to technical skills, while 85% is due to our social skills. Our society increasingly calls for highly trained people who often lack these social skills to connect and communicate with others. The result-- The quiet person fails to thrive, to be promoted, to find a mentor, or to connect with other employees, clients and customers. It doesn't have to be that way; introverts, building on their natural strengths, can learn these important skills without becoming extroverts!
Improving Social Confidence Skills
Instructor: Lynette Crane, MA
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Lynette Crane, MA, Certified Life Coach, and author of The Confident Introvert, provides a step-by-step plan to help quiet people network, converse, present their ideas confidently, gain visibility and appreciation, and pursue their dreams without fear.

Objectives of the Presentation
  • Networking made easy for quiet people: A life skill for both professional and personal use
  • Develop Social capital: what it is, why you need it
  • Turn on calmness, confidence and courage: quickly, anytime
  • Connect with the right people - supporters and allies
  • Turn Small Talk into Big Talk quickly, without wasting time on idle chatter
  • Stay connected to important people - even when you're overly busy
  • Find and keep a mentor
  • Promote yourself painlessly without embarrassment
Why should you Attend
Bright, highly skilled people (introverts) who feel they are overlooked or not getting the promotion, raises, or respect they need in the workplace or who anticipate changing jobs or careers in the future. Since, in the 21st century, most of us will have at least five different careers, and somewhere between 8-14 different employers, before we leave the paid work force, learning to network and maintain contacts on the job and to get another job is essential.

Front-line managers who want to learn how to engage the 51% of the population that is introverted, which can give their companies as much as a 200% edge over their competitors and as much as 147% higher earnings per share - even in the recent recession.

Who will Benefit
  • Office Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders in all Industries
  • HR Managers
  • Business Managers
Topic Background
Introversion is a hot topic in the US today.

Since Susan Cain published her book, 'Quiet' in 2014, Introverts everywhere are beginning to realize that they are being marginalized in a culture that emphasizes extroversion, and they want to fight back. But they don't know how to do it without becoming extroverts - not a choice for introverts, because there are important neurological differences between introverts and extroverts.

Introverts have important natural characteristics that can be built upon to make them successful and respected without becoming extroverts. I have researched, developed and taught these techniques successfully for some time.

Further support for introvert characteristics comes from such sources as Bill Gold, former CEO of Medtronic and a Professor at Harvard Business School. In this book, 'True North', he describes a plan to develop a very non-extrovert type of leader. The fairly new concept of the 'Compassionate Leader' also draws upon natural introverts skills. Although the percentage of introvert CEOs (2%) is still very low, those CEOs are extremely successful.

And large organizations such as Freddie Mac are making introversion a key component of their training and development programs.

Companies need to understand that helping these quietly brilliant employees enhances their own engagement, retention, productivity and above all, innovation. They need to ask themselves, why quietly brilliant people go into a garage and develop a product or idea that puts other companies or even industries out of business. Why aren't these people working in their corporation?

Social skills are arguably the most important set of abilities we can have. Having great social skills help you meet interesting people, get that job you want, progress further in your career and relationships. But aren't some people just naturally blessed with good social skills and easy smooth conversation?

But lack of good social skills can make life lonely, causing anxiety and depression. We get depressed and anxious when we don't meet our fundamental human needs. And the need to socialize, to connect with others is fundamental. We all need social contact. But it's a trap to assume that you either have social skills or you don't.

Sure, some people find it easier to naturally relax around people, talk and listen confidently. But like any set of skills, social skills can be learned, honed and developed by anyone. And social skills training are a vital part of building confidence.
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Instructor Profile:
Lynette Crane, MA, Certified Life Coach, is a Minneapolis-based acclaimed national speaker, trainer, coach and author who" brings Quiet Brilliance to light" Trained in psychology, she has more than 30 years' experience in her field.

She has over 35 years of experience doing training and speaking in human resources programs for such organizations as AT&T, San Francisco Unified School District, Veterans' Affairs Medical Center, and San Francisco Airport, as well as teaching at City College of San Francisco. Programs offered by her included Stress & Time Management, Teambuilding, Leadership, Gender Differences in Communication, and most importantly, Communicating Across Differences etc.

Her expertise lies in helping the "quietly brilliant" (aka introverts) master the social confidence skills necessary to achieve personal success, represent their companies effectively, and become innovative wisdom leaders. Such "quietly brilliant" people often immerse themselves in learning complex skills without recognizing that ultimately 85% of success is due to social skills, and only 15% to those technical skills they master.

They seldom make it to leadership roles because of their social invisibility and difficulty in "managing up."

Leaders, too, need to be trained to recognize this buried treasure and to develop it effectively. Lynette she has conducted training sessions for "techies" at such conferences as Sphere 360 (Minneapolis, 2014) and IT Symposium (St. Paul.2016), as well as training sessions for Great River Energy (Minnesota), a leader in the banking industry and a large financial services company.
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