5 Excellent Crash Courses on varied Features of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is not a mere spreadsheet application to create reports. Excel offers a variety of hidden features such as macro recorder that can streamline repetitive tasks. Excel also helps minimize both data integrity risks and spreadsheet maintenance. It will also help you discover the nuance in Excel where the wrong choice of workbook format can disable key features. This package training course will also help you to learn alternatives to manually copying and pasting data that you can manually compile into reports, summaries, and charts. Other key areas covered in this package training course are: Excel's Data Validation feature, VLOOKUP function, Worksheet and Workbook protection, Excel's Very Hidden worksheet feature, Excel's Trace Dependents and Trace Precedents features, cell comments, range names, INDIRECT and FORMULATEXT functions, Evaluate Formulas feature and Watch Window feature.
Instructor: David H. Ringstrom
Product ID: PACK70026

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Webinar Topics:

Who will benefit?

  • Accountants
  • Analysts
  • Finance Specialists
  • CFOs
  • Controllers

Webinars included in the Package:

Internal Control Techniques for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (60 Minutes)

In this session Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA shows you how to implement internal control features within your Excel spreadsheets. David shows various ways to control user's actions within an Excel spreadsheet, as well as protect worksheets and workbooks from unauthorized changes.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Improve the integrity of spreadsheets with Excel's VLOOKUP function.
  • Compare and contrast IFNA, IFERROR, and ISERROR, and see which versions of Excel support each of these worksheet functions.
  • Create an in-cell list by way of Excel's Data Validation feature.
  • Restrict users to entering dates within a given range, or before/after a given date.
  • Minimize ongoing spreadsheet maintenance with Excel's Table feature.
  • Specify a range of whole numbers that a user can enter in a worksheet cell.
  • Make it harder for users to circumvent data validation, and easily identify when they attempt to do so.
  • Toggle the locked status of a worksheet cell on or off by way of a custom shortcut.

Microsoft Excel Auditing Features and Techniques (60 Minutes)

This webinar will teach you how to verify even the most complicated Excel workbook. This webcast demonstrates Excel's formula auditing and error checking tools, as well as techniques you can use to verify which cells contain formulas versus values.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Learn the nuances of tracing dependents and precedents by way of both Excel features and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Learn two ways to instantly display all formulas within a worksheet.
  • Use the Watch window to easily monitor the ramifications of even minor changes to your workbooks.
  • Step through formulas in slow-motion with the Evaluate Formulas feature.
  • When a cell comment won't do, use the N function to annotate formulas within the Formula bar.
  • Go beyond simply adding cell comments: hide, display, and locate all commented cells with ease.
  • Print a list of all cell comments on a worksheet, or print visible comments.
  • Learn how range names minimize errors, save time in Excel, serve as navigation aids, and can store information in a hidden location.
  • Simplify formula auditing by way of the Apply Names feature.
  • Audit all named cells in a workbook with ease by way of the INDIRECT function in all versions of Excel, and the new FORMULATEXT function in Excel 2013.

Automation Techniques for Excel-based Financial Reports (90 Minutes)

This webcast teaches you how to use worksheet functions like VLOOKUP, OFFSET and SUMIFS. The session also demonstrates how to use Microsoft Query to link to your accounting package or exported reports so that you can create a set-and-forget link to your accounting data in Excel.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Improve the integrity of spreadsheets with Excel's VLOOKUP function.
  • Create an in-cell list by way of Excel's Data Validation feature.
  • Use Excel's OFFSET function to dynamically reference data from one or more accounting periods.
  • Learn a simple design technique that greatly improves the integrity of Excel's SUM function.
  • Learn how to incorporate check figures and alarms into your work.
  • Use Conditional Formatting to draw attention to reports that don't balance to the source data.
  • Use the SUMIFS to sum values based on multiple criteria.

Microsoft Excel Dashboard Crash Course (120 Minutes)

This webinar will provide an inside out training on the concept of dashboards in Microsoft excel and its advantages. Dashboards empower Excel users to condense large amount of information into easy to read summaries while preserving the ability to dive deep into the details when needed.

Objectives of the Presentation:

The key objectives of the presentation are as follows:
  • Create set-and-forget links to text files exported from other programs, such as accounting package.
  • Connect your spreadsheets to text files, Microsoft Access or SQL databases by way of Microsoft Query.
  • How Pivot Tables are a key addition to an Excel dashboard, and how the drill-down feature allows users to view additional detail on demand.
  • Explore the Sparklines feature available in Excel 2010 and later, as well as a free add-in that enables this functionality in Excel 2007 and earlier.
  • How the Slicers feature in Excel 2010 and later can enhance dashboard functionality by enabling users to update multiple pivot tables at once.

Pivot Tables: Microsoft Excel's Instant Report Writer (120 Minutes)

This webinar will help you understand both the nuances and the power of pivot tables in Excel.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Quickly transform lists of raw data into usable reports in just a few simple steps.
  • Format and analyze pivot table data with ease.
  • Explore the Slicers feature introduced in Excel 2010, as well as recommended Pivot Tables in Excel 2013.
  • Quickly summarize complex data sets with Excel's Pivot Chart feature.
  • Incorporate calculations within, or alongside, pivot tables.
  • Drill down into numbers with a double-click--or prevent users from being able to do so.

Instructor Profile:

David H. Ringstrom is a CPA and owner of Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based spreadsheet consulting firm that he started in 1991. David speaks at conferences and presents dozens of webinars annually on Excel and other topics. He has written numerous articles on spreadsheets, some of which have been published internationally. He has served as the technical editor for other 30 books on accounting software, and is the Tech Editor-at-Large for Accounting WEB and Going Concern. David offers Excel training and consulting services nationwide.

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