10 Best Selling Webinars on Everything You Need To Know About Managers for Effective Team Handling

This package training program is about how to be a successful person in both workplace and personal life. Get tips on managing and maintaining healthy workplace culture. Participants can Boost up their skills in Customer Relationship Management and Interaction with customer matters. This training will enhance your skills with Project Management; learn the best 8 keys to bring your every project on time and on budget, learn the best practices of Project Management to complete your work with perfection, learn the essentials and best practices of Project Management to complete your work on dot. Do you wish to improve your negotiation effectiveness immediately? Attend this package program and learn to develop an effective negotiation plan and strategy, learn tips and tricks of time and task management and understand the value of working smart and also learn the key communication skills, important constructive feedback guidelines, and more. Participants learn how to fine-tune off-site management skills in an environment where you don't have to worry about making a costly mistake. Learn what you need to be able to deliver better and more effective results-oriented presentations. Join this audio conference by Chris DeVany in this interactive package training program to understand how to unleash the power of accountable communication and to boost productivity.
Instructor: Christopher R. DeVany
Product ID: PACK70057

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Webinar Topics:

Who will benefit?

  • CEO
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Executive Director
  • Managing Director
  • Regional Vice President
  • Area Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • PR and Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Reps
  • HR Professionals
  • Any professional eager to reap the career benefits that come to those who know how to communicate effectively and diplomatically - with tact and finesse
  • Executives, senior managers, managers at all levels
  • Senior HR Professionals
  • HR Analysts
  • HR Managers and Directors
  • HR Personnel
  • Employee Relations Professionals
  • Directors
  • Shift Leaders
  • CEOs
  • Supervisors
  • All Employees

Webinars included in the Package:

Successfully Managing Difficult People: 6 Tools You Can Use to Make Things Right (Duration: 90 Minutes)

Adjusting your management and personal styles to complement the culture of your work group and your company as a whole can be the catalyst that motivates your teams to heightened productivity. Utilizing extensive practice in the principles of emotional intelligence, Successfully Managing People underscores the importance of self-awareness in developing sensitivity to and better communication with others. You'll leave this webinar well versed in the most effective methods for dealing with difficult people, winning cooperation and trust and ensuring that your people's values and your organization's goals are in sync.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Motivate and direct the employees you rely on-even when they don't share your values
  • Adjust your management and personal style to the needs of different situations
  • Get more done by using the appropriate delegation techniques for any given situation
  • Resolve conflict more effectively in a wide variety of situations
  • Turn difficult people and poor performers into team players
  • Win the cooperation and trust from everyone in your organization
  • Increase your confidence, leadership skills and personal and professional satisfaction in your job
  • Use coaching to guide and direct your team members to improving performance

Customer Relationship Management Mastering Profitable Relationships! (Duration: 90 Minutes)

What is it about your organization's customer relationship management practices which identify you as competitive, unique or first-class? Who are your customers? What do they want? How we can more effectively persuade our existing customers to purchase more of our products and services, while referring even more prospective new customers our way? We'll talk about how to deal with some of the "newer" challenges to our effectiveness, including faster information velocity, capacity, bandwidth and our own mobility. You'll leave with a "Top 25 Tip List" for gaining repeat business and new business!

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Improve your interactions with both your internal and external customers
  • Approach even the most difficult of customers and prospective customers
  • Overcome any objection
  • Communicate more effectively with internal and external customers
  • Develop a winning attitude which will help you bring in even more business
  • Position yourself with product, service and relationship, earning you customers for life!

Project Management Essentials: The 8 Keys to Bring Every Project on Time and On Budget (Part-1) (Duration: 60 Minutes)

How do we manage projects and customer relationships effectively? How do we understand the full scope of a customer "project"? How do we assemble the necessary resources to effectively manage a customer relationship and attendant projects? To whom do we delegate specific responsibilities and when? These are among a number of questions we discuss and about which we learn as we strive to effectively manage projects and the customers whose project we are managing.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Understand the essentials of project management
  • Plan for identifying project needs
  • Practice scheduling and teaming
  • Create the necessary plans which will allow you to more effectively manage projects to success
  • Help you to more effectively manage others' expectations
  • Keep projects on track
  • Gain knowledge and skills you can apply to all project team situations
  • Keep content, process and structure on track to produce positive outcomes

Using Project Management Best Practices to Get Work Done (Part– 2) (Duration: 90 Minutes)

Managing projects can be a big headache sometimes; our Webinar is the perfect prescription! We will provide the best practices for managing projects - you will receive tools, techniques and best practices to enable you to more effectively manage the projects you are assigned successfully - on time and on budget. We will facilitate better understandings of process and project documents - including scope statements, communication plans, risk management plans, risk registers and change management plans - in order to better manage your initiatives. We'll also discuss approaches to better identifying and engaging stakeholders.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Scale Project Scope Statements
  • Develop the business case for your own projects
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders
  • Develop your Project Plan
  • Itemize your Work Breakdown Structure and activity list
  • Enhance your Communications Plan
  • Identify, plan and manage project risks
  • Manage changes to the project
  • Report on status
  • Drive decisions from the team and from key stakeholders

Mastering Negotiation Skills: Win-Win Tools to Advance Your Business Objectives (Duration: 90 Minutes)

Adopt a results-based negotiating strategy which fosters positive relationships and achieves desired business outcomes. We negotiate every day, with colleagues, our boss, employees, customers and vendors. Whether we are discussing funding a new venture, allocating project resources or agreeing on task assignments, we need to use our negotiation skills effectively to achieve successful results. This webinar will offer tools, tips and techniques you can use immediately to improve performance. We'll take you through the essential steps of effective negotiation, identify critical stages and help you gain practical knowledge to put right to work.

Objectives of the Presentation:

By participating, you will learn how to even more effectively:
  • Develop an effective plan and appropriate strategy for any negotiation
  • Learn tips for breaking negotiation deadlocks
  • Use questioning techniques to uncover what all stakeholders want or need
  • Demonstrate strategies for recognizing conflict and moving towards effective resolution
  • Build confidence and credibility in asking for what you want
  • Become more strategic in your professional and personal negotiations

Working Smart: Time and Task Management (Duration: 90 Minutes)

The speed of everything has changed. Are your time management skills up to the challenge? Do you put off more today than you can ever accomplish tomorrow...exhaust yourself by 4:00 p.m. with only a fraction of your work done...see yourself as a decision maker who never gets around to making decisions...dread the next business meeting-or worse, going back to your desk to see what voice mails and emails await you? If you're doing more and enjoying it less, it's time to get out of the time trap and back to productive management! This webinar gives you practical techniques for controlling time and making it a manageable resource.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Achieve better results through more effective planning and clarifying objectives
  • Delegate effectively and free yourself for bigger tasks
  • Set group goals and priorities
  • Eliminate the time wasters
  • Handle interruptions and distractions
  • Say no to unreasonable demands
  • Redirect your efforts to the most important and valid tasks
  • Make sure there is time in the day for you
  • Learn strategies to improve concentration and increase your efficiency

Critical Communication Skills: Making Active Listening, Constructive Feedback, Resolving Conflicts and Coaching Work to Improving Others' Performance (Duration: 90 Minutes)

Your communication style is your inescapable calling card. It immediately announces who you are, how you feel and what you expect from yourself and others. In this extraordinary webinar, we'll show you how to recognize and avoid the power-robbing speech mistakes and habits that may be holding you back. We'll also work on the simple, yet effective techniques that can make you a motivating, persuasive and powerful communicator. Communicating with confidence, authority and power is not a skill that comes naturally to most of us. Yet, there are great personal and professional rewards for those who master it. Join us!

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Learn the skills that signal you are to be taken seriously
  • The powerful part active listening plays in your communication ability
  • Three important constructive feedback guidelines which will help you every time
  • The keys to more effectively resolving conflicts
  • How coaching can consistently improve your working relationships
  • How to communicate the message you want with body language, eye contact, tone of voice and gestures
  • The seven 'secrets' to getting the results you seek consistently

Virtual Team – How to Manage People Effectively in Multiple Locations (Duration: 90 Minutes)

Every manager knows that the best and fastest way to learn a new skill is through practice. That's why we've packed this hard-hitting workshop with powerful exercises, models and case studies specifically designed for managers of multiple locations. This is a unique opportunity to fine-tune your off-site management skills in an environment where you don't have to worry about making a costly mistake. This is your chance to master proven-effective strategies that you can put to work immediately.

Objectives of the Presentation:

By attending, you will understand how to even more effectively:
  • Boost productivity at every location
  • Significantly cut down on paperwork
  • Know off-site employees are following the rules, period, including home-office rules
  • Spot problems even when you're far away

Powerful Presentations: Creating, Delivering and Inspiring Your Audience to Take Effective Action Every Time (Duration: 120 Minutes)

Learn how to motivate your audience to act every time. Leading others to move forward, now! takes discipline and commitment to process. There are three stages to delivering an effective presentation: Preparation, delivery and facilitating to an Action Plan. Before making a presentation, the speaker must understand and be prepared to practice the following: a passion for subject matter, detailed research, mental preparedness and rehearsal. During, there need be focus and poise. Before concluding, the effective presenter directs their audience to take action!

Objectives of the Presentation:

By attending, you will understand how to even more effectively:
  • Project a polished, professional manner
  • Speak fluently and gesture naturally
  • Quickly organize a presentation for greatest audience impact
  • Respond to questions
  • Control interruptions during a presentation
  • Motivate your audience to implement their Action Plan, an Action Plan you helped them create

No More Excuses! Unleash the Power of Accountable Communication (Duration: 60 Minutes)

In this interactive session attendees will learn how to unleash the power of accountable communication to stop the blame game, banish excuses and boost productivity. A single, powerful factor separates super-achieving teams from those that throw around phrases like 'not my job' and 'nobody told me': Accountability. Humans are more creative, more responsive to challenges, and more capable of serving the needs of others when they are held accountable.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • To improve teamwork and efficiency
  • To raise employee productivity
  • To diminish needless interpersonal conflict in the workplace

Instructor Profile:

Chris DeVany is the founder and president of Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide, a firm which focuses on management and organization development. Pinnacle's clients include organizations such as Microsoft, Visa International, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Sprint, American Counseling Association, Aviva Insurance, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Hospital Corporation of America, Schlumberger, Morgan Stanley, Boston Scientific, US HealthCare and over 500 other organizations in 22 countries.

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