Ph.D. ArLyne Diamond
President - Diamond Associates
ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized Leadership, Management, Professional Development and O-D consultant specializing in people and processes in the workplace. Multifaceted, Dr. Diamond has extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines (business, education, management, marketing, business ownership, psychology - and some economics and law as well.) This enables her to see things from a variety of angles and to cleave to the essence of a problem quickly, offering her clients creative and practical solutions.

As the President and Founder of her consulting firm, Diamond Associates, which was established in 1981, Dr. Diamond's clients range from boards of directors and upper management to support staff in many industries, both public and private. This includes small business and professional practices, corporations, associations, service/charity organizations and government agencies (including police and fire.) She works with individuals, teams and large groups. Dr. Diamond trains Boards of Directors and teaches several courses to board members and those striving for board appointments.

She is well known for her skill in large and small group process, including workshops in strategic planning, change management, conflict resolution, system streamlining, communication, management of people and projects, as well as board of directors development, committee and team training.

Her executive consulting/coaching and mentoring of individuals includes helping new CEOs grow into their position and learn how to create and work with executive teams, stakeholders, and others in their organization.

Dr. Diamond taught a wide range of MBA university courses in Business, Organizational Development, Quality, Change Management, Persuasion/ Negotiation, Marketing and Leadership and others. She also taught a series of Psychology courses to graduate and undergraduate students.
Upcoming Webinar
Employee On boarding Best Practices: From Entry-Level to Senior Executive
In this course we strive to give you enough information to effectively onboard employees at all levels. What are the critical differences you need to take into account in order to make each of them comfortable, as well as ensuring they are legally compliant, understand and agree to company policy and procedures, respect and agree to comply with the company culture, and of course have everything they need to be successful in their new jobs?
Live Session Tuesday, 22 October 2019, 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT, Duration: 60 Minutes

Recorded Webinar
Creating Rewards and Recognitions that Get You What You Want to Achieve
Typically, it is the responsibility of the professionals in Human Resources (HR) to recommend and often control compensation, bonuses and other rewards and recognitions available to management. It is management's responsibility to determine what they wish to reward, how often, and whether or not the decisions they've made regarding these extra monetary compensations and/or perquisites are achieving the goals they wish to achieve.
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How to Communicate With Overly Sensitive Employees
Learn how to effectively communicate with colleagues who take criticism personally. In this webinar, you will learn about ways to read emotional cues and signals and how to demonstrate empathy and transform problems. This webinar also discusses how to anticipate and handle responses to change.
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Investigating a Complaint in the Workplace in the #MeToo Era
Conducting workplace investigations is one of the most challenging management and HR duties, but also one of the most important. This webinar is designed to train managers and HR professionals in how to conduct a thorough, emotionally sensitive and impartial workplace investigation. Complaints of sexual misconduct, harassment, bullying and abuse abound in today's workplace.
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Change Management: The People Side
This webinar focuses on the people side of change. No matter the cause, the result is that your staff needs to adjust to new ways of thinking, acting, and working. Change is everywhere and might be large or small. Even the smallest of changes can create fear and resistance.
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Delegation Skills for Managers
Delegating is something that many people find difficult to do - letting go of control can be anxiety, provoking. Also, learning how to delegate effectively to different types of people requires some social skill and emotional intelligence. So in this course, we will explore many ways to delegate, including one-to-one, working with teams, and managing meetings. We will explore the things that get in the way for many people including learning the difference between perfection and excellence.
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Managing Difficult People and Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace
Working together today is far more complicated than it had been years ago. Not only we are working with our classmates and neighbors, but we are also working with people of different ages, genders and cultures who come to us from all over the world.
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Effective Meeting Management for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators
Most books, articles and courses on managing meetings ignore the fact that leaders, managers and facilitators of meetings have different roles. Thus, a course in managing meetings effectively needs to take those three roles into consideration. We do briefly - the Leader has something to say. The Manager wants interaction to lead to a specific end point - usually a solution. The facilitator is there to make sure process is followed. In this workshop we discuss how each of these three roles affects the manner in which meetings are designed and led.
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Assertiveness Skills for Executives, Managers and HR Professionals
In order to be effective in getting what you want and need, how you communicate both verbally and non-verbally will matter a great deal. Assertiveness is neither aggression, nor passivity/docility. It is the art of clearly stating what you want and need in a congruent manner. This course offers several examples of what to do, how to do it and what not to do. It also deals with common workplace problems and shows how assertiveness increases your chances of successful decisions, negotiations and conflict resolution.
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Preventing Sexual and Other Harassment/Discrimination Claims
This webinar is designed to go beyond the basic training to prevent harassment. It will talk about some touchy and probably not exactly politically correct ideas in a desire to provide a full understanding of what is happening today and what can be - and should be - prevented in the future.
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