Martin Michaud
Biochemist and catalyst, MMNA Consultants
Martin Michaud is a highly skilled and experienced professional involved in many industry sector with a lot of field practice while still being active as a trainer and communicator. He has spent numerous years in the meat and fish handling/processing industry throughout Canada as well as in the meat industry in many countries such as USA, Morocco, Japan and Vietnam.

Martin has extensive knowledge and know-how in quality management, process improvement, export requirements and regulatory affairs, food risks analysis, complaint and crisis management.
Among others:
    1. He has established, implemented and operated an accredited ISO 17025 chemistry contract lab in the waste water sector
    2. He held the position of Vice-President of Technical services for one of the largest Canadian meat and poultry company overlooking export requirements, regulatory compliance and laboratory activities for more than 20 registered establishment under CFIA authority that are exporting to more than 65 countries.
During an important period of his career; he was also a part time teacher at the college and University level. He developed an expertise in food risks analysis which was one of his major subject/topic when working as a Senior Technical Advisor at the Faculty of Veterinary medicine of the Universite de Montreal.

He is also involved with the Codex Committee on residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods, known as CCRVDF and official WHO/CODEX ALIMENTARIUS body, as a member of the Canadian delegation.

He now operates his own consulting company supporting other private companies in their permit/license applications, validation studies, laboratory analysis, quality system implementation including process optimization and costs reduction efforts. He is also involved in national committees on the usage of fluorine in water as well as cooling towers training program development with the national professional chemist board (l'Ordre des Chimistes du Quebec) and the government of the Province of Quebec in Canada.

Martin Michaud holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and a M.Sc. Biology (molecular and cellular biology) from Laval University in Sainte-Foy, Province of Quebec, Canada. He studied inducibility of liver metabolism when exposed to PAHs using mammalian cell lines as a model at the Hotel-Dieu de Quebec Cancer Research Center. A scientific paper was published in Biochemical Pharmacology with his master's study work. Martin is also a co-author on many scientific papers in fisheries, molecular biology, forest science genetic, risk analysis and crisis management.

He also holds a qualification on "HACCP Principles" - passed with honors - from the British Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene.
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