Dr. Kenneth S. Weinberg
President and principal consultant, Safdoc Systems, LLC.
Dr. Kenneth S. Weinberg is an independent consultant located just south of Boston, MA. He has worked with a variety of companies regarding OSHA regulatory requirements and compliance with these regulations. He has also worked as the Director of Safety at a major Harvard teaching hospital in Boston. Dr. Weinberg is an experienced lecturer and has written several books related to workplace safety requirements. In addition, Dr. Weinberg has taught the elements of blood-borne pathogens and the regulatory requirements to a wide range of audiences, including healthcare professionals, research professionals and others, who do not regularly come into contact with blood or body fluids.

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OSHA Record Keeping Compliance
This webinar focuses on complete description of how to fill out injury and illness reports, what constitutes an injury, what constitutes first aid. The webinar will also discuss about filing reports, counting days away from work, the importance of restricted work policies, how to use the data collected, how to calculate incidence rates and compare your business to similar businesses like yours and the changes to the companies covered by the regulation and to the reporting requirements.
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OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens
This topic will describe the various blood-borne pathogens, the risks when exposed to these materials, the ways to handle and protect yourself from exposure. The webinar will also discuss the regulations surrounding employee protection and the requirements that employers must follow to implement these protections. The webinar will in detail discuss about protective equipment and materials, as well as the techniques for cleaning up after a spill or exposure. Anyone who uses or comes into contact with hazardous blood borne pathogens or potentially infectious blood borne material must be trained about the various infectious agents and how to deal with them.
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OSHA's Update of Hazard Communication - What it Means to You
Discussion of the new regulations affecting Hazard Communication and how these regulations interact with Global Harmonization. OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard has been in effect since 1986, with very few changes. Now OSHA has updated the Standard to make it compatible with the UN's International Standard, as well as those practices in the European Union. The changes are being phased in over the next three years. The first wave of change took effect in December, 2013. New phases of the changes follow in rapid succession.
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