Audrey Halpern
President, ARH Employee Training
Audrey Halpern is a soft skills training facilitator consultant with 20+ years of experience. Audrey's is currently a faculty member of American Management Association where she trains communication skills.
Upcoming Webinar
Developing Trust & Respect in the Workplace, Without Respect, Work Environments Breakdown!
Think about what it might be like if: Those around you would treat you with trust and respect, Gossip did not exist in your work environment, Bullying and lying were not a problem, Co-workers were focused on success through problem solving, the work environment is pleasant, there is good productivity at work, and you look forward to going to work.
Live Session Thursday, 13 February 2020, 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT, Duration: 60 Minutes

Recorded Webinar
The Essential Elements of Effective Coaching
The most effective leaders see themselves as being coaches and leaders rather than managers or supervisors. Coaching is the key component to enhancing teams’ performance helps with retention and with training costs and can be a useful tool in career progression. If you wait for the annual performance appraisal period, you and your employees are missing out on opportunities to improve. Learn the key steps to coaching employees on performance or on behavioral issues. Understand the 6 steps to effective coaching and when coaching is the most and the least effective.
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Essential Guide to Successfully Manage People Who Are Older Than You (and Who Have More Experience)
Generational diversity is no longer just a buzzword. We're seeing younger and younger persons in positions of command and influence in the workforce, and these days it's not infrequent for the power hierarchy to be inverted, with older individuals reporting to younger bosses.
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The Top 10 Mistakes New Managers Make and How to Avoid Them: Get the Best from Each person on your Team
The session will give you insight of the 10 common mistakes that newly transitioned managers and essential techniques tips on how to avoid them. Unfortunately, being good at your job doesn’t guarantee that you will be a good leader or manager. Yes, you were good enough to get promoted but being a manger has challenges you never dealt with when you were an employee. The transition to management isn’t just a promotion and a pay raise—it’s a shift into a new type of role that requires new skill sets and you are bound to trip up along the way when you are first starting out. . What matters most is how quickly you can formulate a plan and learn from those mistakes.
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Top 10 Strategies for Managing (and Minimizing) Interruptions in the Workplace
Handling a wide variety of tasks you often have limited time to complete your work due to frequent interruptions. These interruptions can break your train of thought and slow your work pace. It's critical to stay focused, not just for your own priorities, but for those of the company as well. Interruptions at the workplace is estimated to cost businesses in the U.S. over half a trillion dollars each year.
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