Sales Tax Rates In Different States of America

Author: Miles Hutchinson
1. Alabama
The state general sales tax of Alabama is 4.00%, plus any added local taxes which can amount to a total sales tax of up to 12 percent in some cities.
2. Alaska
In Alaska there is no state sales tax, however, local governments including boroughs and the Alaska equivalent of counties, and municipalities - may charge up to 7.5 percent.
3. Arizona
Arizona has a transaction privilege tax (TPT) that differs from a "true" sales tax. TPT is imposed under 16 tax classifications with the tax rate most commonly encountered by Arizona consumers set at 6.6 %.
4. Arkansas
Arkansas has a state sales tax of 6.00%, plus any additional local taxes; for instance, Little Rock charges a 1.5% city sales tax.
5. California
California has a base sales tax of 7.50%, and can total up to 10.00% with local sales tax included depending on the city in which the purchase is made.
6. Colorado
Colorado's state sales tax is 2.9% with some cities and counties levying additional taxes.
7. Connecticut
Connecticut has a 6.35% sales tax, with no additional local taxes.
8. Delaware
Delaware does not assess a sales tax on consumers. The state does, however, impose a tax on the gross receipts of most businesses.
9. District of Columbia
Washington, D.C., has a sales tax rate of 5.75% as of October 1, 2013.
10. Florida
Florida has a general sales tax rate of 6%. Miami-Dade County, like most Florida counties, has an additional county sales surtax. Miami-Dade's surtax is 1%.
11. Georgia
Georgia has had a 4% state sales tax rate since April 1, 1989, when it was raised from 3%.
12. Guam
Guam has no general sales tax imposed on the consumer with the exception of admissions, use, and hotel occupancy taxes; however, businesses must pay 4% tax on their monthly gross income.
13. Hawaii
Hawaii does not have a sales tax per se, but it does have a gross receipts tax and a Use Tax which apply to nearly every conceivable type of transaction, and is technically charged to the business rather than the consumer.
14. Idaho
Idaho has a 6.0% state sales tax. Some localities levy an additional local sales tax.
15. Illinois
Illinois' sales and use tax scheme includes Retailers' Occupation Tax, Use Tax, Service Occupation Tax and the Service Use Tax. The base rate of 6.25% is broken down as follows: 5% State, 1% City, 0.25% County.
16. Indiana & Iowa
Indiana has a 7% state sales tax. Iowa has a 6% state sales tax and an optional local sales tax of 1% imposed by most cities and unincorporated portions of most counties, bringing the total up to a maximum of 7%.
17. Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana
Kansas has a 6.15% state sales tax as of July 1, 2013. Kentucky has a 6% state sales tax. Louisiana has a 4% state sales tax: 3.97% to sales tax and .03% to Louisiana tourism district.
18. Maine
Maine has a 5.5% general, service provider and use tax (raised, temporarily until further notice, [98] from 5% on October 1, 2013).
19. Maryland
Maryland has a 6% state sales and use tax (raised from 5% in 2007) as of January 3, 2008, with exceptions for medicine, residential energy, and most non-prepared foods.
20. Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota
Massachusetts has a 6.25% state sales tax (raised from 5% in 2009). Michigan has a 6% sales tax (raised from 4% in 1994). Minnesota currently has a 6.875% statewide sales tax.
21. Mississippi, Missouri
Mississippi has a 7% state sales tax. Cities and towns may implement an additional tourism tax on restaurant and hotel sales. Missouri imposes a sales tax upon all sales of tangible personal property, as well as some "taxable services"; it also charges a use tax for the "privilege of storing, using or consuming within this state any article of tangible personal property.
22. Montana
Montana does not have a state sales tax but some municipalities which are big tourist destinations, such as Whitefish, Red Lodge, Big Sky, and West Yellowstone, have a small sales tax (up to 3%).
23. Nebraska, Nevada
Nebraska has a 5.5% state sales tax from which groceries are exempt. Nevada's state sales tax rate is 6.85%.
24. New Hampshire
Sales tax in New Hampshire is limited to a 9% tax on prepared meals, 9% on hotel and similar room rental for less than 185 days, 9% on motor vehicle rentals, and 7% on telecommunications services.
25. New Jersey
The state of New Jersey's sales and use tax rate is 7%. However, there are exceptions to this statewide rate.
26. New Mexico, New York
New Mexico imposes a gross receipts tax of 5% on most retail sales or leasing of property or performance of services in New Mexico. The default sales tax rate in New York is 7%, of which 4% is levied by the state.
27. North Carolina
North Carolina has a state-levied sales tax of 4.75%, effective July 1, 2011, with most counties adding an additional 2% tax, for a total tax of 6.75% in 76 of the 100 counties.
28. North Dakota
North Dakota has a 5% state sales tax for general sales, but varies depending on the category (5%, 7%, 3% and 2%).
29. Ohio, Oklahoma
Ohio has a 5.75% state sales tax. Oklahoma has a 4.5% sales tax rate. Cities have an additional sales tax which varies, but is generally 3-4% resulting in a total sales tax rate of 7.5% to 8.5%.
30. Oregon, Pennsylvania
Oregon has no statewide sales tax, although local municipalities may impose sales taxes if they choose to do so, such as Ashland, which imposes a 5% prepared food tax. Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax rate.
31. Puerto Rico, Rhode Island
Puerto Rico has a 5.5% commonwealth sales tax that applies to both products and services with few exemptions (including items such as unprocessed foods, prescription medicines and business-to-business services). Rhode Island has a state sales tax of 7%.
32. South Carolina, South Dakota
South Carolina has a 6% state sales tax but when combined with local, county and hospitality taxes South Carolina has a maximum sales tax of 10.5%. South Dakota has a 4% state sales tax, plus any additional local taxes.
33. Texas
The Texas state sales and use tax rate is 6.25%, but local taxing jurisdictions (cities, counties, special purpose districts, and transit authorities, but specifically not including school districts) may also impose sales and use taxes up to 2% for a total of 8.25%.
34. Utah
Utah has a 4.70% state sales tax. Additionally, local taxing authorities can impose their own sales tax. Currently the majority of Utah's aggregate sales taxes are in the range of 5.95% - 8.35%.
35. Vermont, Virginia
Vermont has a 6% sales tax. Virginia has a sales tax rate of 5.30% (4.3% state tax and 1% local tax).
36. Washington, West Virginia
Washington has a 6.5% statewide sales tax. Local rates vary based on an individual's location at the point of purchase. West Virginia has the distinction of being the first US state to enact a sales tax. It currently stands at 6%.
37. Wisconsin, Wyoming
Wisconsin has a 5% state sales tax, with 62 of the 72 counties charging an extra 0.5% "County Tax". Wyoming has a 4% state sales tax, with counties adding up to an additional 3%, resulting in a maximum rate of 7%.

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