Principles of Affirmative Action that Every Organization must Consider

Author: Cathleen Hampton
In the public service, the aim of affirmative action is to accelerate the creation of an agent and equitable Public Service and to create an environment which supports and allows those who have been historically targeted by unfair discrimination to fulfil their maximum potential so that the Public Service could obtain maximum benefit of their various skills and talents to provide better service delivery. Here are the principles of affirmative action that every organization must consider.
Incorporation with HR Development
Affirmative action programmes needs to be incorporated with other human resource management and improvement practices, especially diversity management
Affirmative action programmes requires to be developed with the active participation of workers at all levels, and also with representatives of the organised labour.
Cost Effective
Affirmative action programmes needs to focus on measures to optimise the financial and public service's human resources.
Productivity and Service Delivery
Affirmative action programmes should improve the development of new work practices which helps to increase productivity and maximise customer-responsiveness.
The programs and policies of affirmative action must be communicated impartially to all public servants.
Affirmative action programmes and its practices require being open to inspection within and outside the Public Service, under reasonable limits.

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