How to Handle a Software Audit

Author: Carolyn Troiano
The key advantages that a corporation gets from performing a software licensing audit is better control and saving cost. The audit is made use of both as a mechanism of efficiency to enhance software distribution in an organization and as a preventative mechanism to avert copyright infringement trial by software companies.
1. Software licensing audits
Software licensing audits play a vital role in software asset management. It also serves as the best way for corporate reputation management by making sure that the company is functioning within ethical and legal guidelines.
2. Risk Assessment
Software licensing is a complicated process. It is generally tough to differentiate between overzealous software sales reps and genuine infringements of intellectual property
3. Vendor’s choice
The vendors hold the right to audit their customers into their agreements. Organizations have three choices to make in order to handle these threats: Searching for a vendor with a less complicated and automated licensing mechanisms, bargaining for the right to audit out, maintaining softwares in preparedness of an audit.
4. Effective software management
In order to manage software well on a continuing pace, you'll need a better understanding of agreements on licensing and what compliance generally looks like. You'll need excellent and reliable data for supporting compliance in documentation form, proof and how software is installed, made use of or configured. Finally, the licensing smarts needs to be able to settle procuring and configuration detail periodically.

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