Dealing with work place retaliation-six steps to be followed when an employee complaint arises

Author: Teri Morning
Dealing with workplace retaliation is not a cinch. An organization must be certain about the right way to deal with employee complaints. Initiating a prompt investigation is the proper way to handle any complaint.

Here are six steps to be followed when an employee files a complaint regarding harassment, retaliation, discrimination, workplace violence, safety and workplace breach of law.
1. Investigate
Investigate and gather evidence that includes statements by witnesses or any other possible tangible things. Irrespective of the situation an employer must treat every complaint seriously. Paying zero attention to them could cause employers to liability throughout an unemployment claim or lawsuit.
2. Maintain a written policy
A written policy must be maintained that details an organization’s complaint procedure and how it deals with the complaint and carries out investigations. Appoint the right investigator. An investigator could preferably be an external source, so that he would be impartial.
3. Practice a compliance procedure
Set up a compliance procedure or an incident reporting system. The procedures to file a complaint should be easy.
4. Record all findings
Documented evidence plays an invaluable part during the investigation of work-related delinquency or protecting the legality of the actions of the employer. Documentation acts as the valuable evidence that subsequent disciplinary or any other actions were not related to the complaint filed.
5. Talk to the employee
While dealing with any investigation related to work place retaliation, the employer must frequently communicate with the employee who filed the complaint and let him or her know the complaint is still being investigated and a decision will be taken soon. After a decision has been made about the legitimacy of the complaint, communicate the results to the people who filed it. If disciplinary action is needed against another employee, the person who filed the complaint must be notified that corrective action has been taken.
6. Implement incident reporting system
On implementation of the online incident reporting system, employees could report complaints easily so that employer could ascertain that every complaint and issues are being rightly tracked and resolved.

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