9 Important REACH Compliance Requirements

Author: Carole A. LeBlanc
The European Union (EU) Registration, Authorization, Evaluation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is widely known as REACH. Substances, articles and preparations are subject to a variety of provisions under REACH. Meanwhile, EU companies and non-EU companies have different obligations. Here are the REACH compliance requirements for non-EU companies and EU companies:
1. EU companies ---- Pre-Registration for EU companies
Before Manufacturing/importing, M/I must pre-register or register substances that are imported or manufactured over a ton yearly with the ECHA (European Chemical Agency). Companies that are importing or manufacturing substances that are exceeding over one ton per year for the first time after December1, 2008 can perform a 'late pre-registration'.
2. Safety Data Sheets
All European Union importers must request for or organize the newest Safety Data Sheets as per the REACH regulation and CLP regulation in case the preparations or substances meet up the criteria for categorization as hazardous.
3. REACH Only Representative (OR)
All European Union importers will be free from REACH registration if the Non-EU suppliers appoint a REACH Only Representative (OR) for registration. However, importers are required to confirm with their suppliers' OR (Only Representative )that they rely on the inventory of importers and their tonnage and use are being covered by the registrations of OR. This could be possible only by requesting for REACH Certificate of Compliance from the OR.
4. Safe use of chemicals
M/I must pass the information about safe use of chemicals (risk management measures) along the supply chain in the SDS/exposure scenario format. M/I might accomplish a lot of obligations such as restriction and authorization under REACH.
5. Non-EU chemical Companies --- Pre-registration
Every non-EU company requires pre-registering or registering their substance with the European Chemical Agency Prior to exporting their substance to the EU if the amount of the materials exported into the EU exceeds over 1 ton per year.
6. Only Representative
Non-European Union companies usually require fixing an Only Representative to submit (pre-) registrations to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) because only EU-based legal entities are permitted to register.
7. Late pre-registration' request
Non-EU Companies which are exporting their substance to the EU with the volume of the substance greater than 1ton per year for the first time after December 1, 2008 can put forward a 'late pre-registration' request.
8. Inform EU
Non-EU companies must inform their European Union (EU) importers regarding the appointment of the Only Representative.
9.Offer Safety Data Sheets
Non-EU companies needs to offer Safety Data Sheets according to the REACH and CLP standards during the first delivery of a substance or preparation if the preparation or substances meet up the meet the classification criteria as dangerous.

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