7 Critical Points About Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Author: Edward Leigh, MA
1. Purpose of patient satisfaction surveys
Hospital in the United States that bills Medicare must survey patients and report the results. The survey includes queries to patients regarding their stay and treatment at the hospital. These results could be used to compare other hospitals with the same objective measurements.
2. Mode of issue
Patient satisfaction surveys may be issued through telephone or through postal mail. Since this form must be filled exclusively by the patients, they are not yet found on the internet because it would be too easy to fool the system.
3. Understand the Questions
The survey question may vary anywhere ranging from experiences at the emergency room to administering antibiotics to how often your blood sugar was checked if you are diabetic and so on. Analyze these queries carefully and answer correctly. These surveys are intended to address the totality of your patient experience.
4. How to fill out the survey
Provide fair and objective answers. Your answers could do change the lives of future patients. Grade them right, low scores could end in shutdown and an undeserving high score will not make them improve. The question regarding communication between you and the service provider must be answered appropriately. The mere expression of “nice” doesn’t equal a “competent provider” and “competent provider” doesn’t always mean that he/she is nice.
5. Query regarding discharge formalities
This is a question of very high significance. Usually during the discharge people doesn’t bother much about the post-hospital care, as a result many post-hospital issue arises due to incomplete or lousy discharge instructions. Be candid and objective about your discharge experience.
6. Keep your responses private
There will be an identification number on your survey if you receive a mailed version. The survey states that the letter is used to make sure that they don't send you reminders once you have already returned the survey. But it is possible to track your survey responses to you using those numbers, too. If you don’t wish your results to be traced to you at all, then block out the numbers on both the survey and the envelope using a black permanent marker.
7. Send the Survey Back ASAP
Once you have completed the survey, send it back as soon as possible. If you are curious about the responses of others visit Hospital Compare and find out what others have said about the same hospital and check out other hospitals to make out if you can do better for a future stay.

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