7 Best Practices to implement Corrective and Preventive Action

Author: John Chapman
1. Scrutinize what is wrong
If you find that something is wrong with the system, then scrutinize, find the real cause, extend of damage and then implement corrective action to eliminate the root cause(s) and symptom(s) of an existing undesirable deviation or nonconformity to prevent recurrence.
2. Assess the scope
Understand how big is the problem, when was it started, who triggered it and how far it has affected the company. Keep a record, enquire with the co-workers and analyze the scope of corrective and preventive action.
3. Containment Actions
During the outbreak of any issue, the first step must be containment action that puts an end to the problem immediately and stop it from spreading.
4. Find the Root Cause
Finding the underlying cause is a tough job. The most effective method is to ask “Why” five times until you find out the ultimate cause. There is also another way of finding the root cause that is by using the Fishbone diagram.
5. Plan Corrective and Preventive Actions
To plan corrective and preventive actions first decide on the steps that are necessary to eliminate the root cause of the problem. Here, depending on the issue, you will have to recognize the cost and return on investment. How will it be financially supported (if it is an expensive fix), and who should approve of the cost?
6. Execute the Corrective and preventive Action
Once the preventive and corrective steps are being decided the next step is following the plan and executing it. This could either be a simple process of applying the preventive maintenance program, or purchasing and installing a new equipment as the old one could not maintain the accuracy you needed.
7. Follow up
Follow up with the issue. After putting your effort in implementing the corrective and preventive action plans, follow up to make sure the progress of the plan and that the problem doesn’t recur. If it does occur again, you need to query if you have really found out the actual root cause.

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