5 very important guidelines to reduce child support-alimony payments

Author: Vicki M. Lambert
1. Provide a full breakdown of your reduced income
In order to reduce child support/alimony payments, it is vital to produce a detailed breakdown of your reduced income with proof. The more concrete the proofs are (to justify your demotion or termination from a sjob), the more chances of you being awarded some relief in your motion.
2. If you are a small business owner explain cause loss
A small business owner, who has faced a loss in business, should also explain to the court the reason for his loss in business with sufficient reports from the company’s accountant. Apart from this the business owner must inform the court what are the steps that he has been taking to spruce up his business through solicitation, advertisement and incentives.
3. Explain how you have been trying for a job
In dealing with the Lepis cases, the judges wouldn’t allow any payer to go hay free. He will ask for an explanation and substantiating proof. In case the payer is demoted or terminated, he has to provide copies of all the job applications and job rejection letters to the court that proves that the payer has been sincerely hunting for work.
4. Explain how your lifestyle has been affected
The payer must prove to the court how his own personal lifestyle has been affected. Hit in lifestyle could include whether he has been forced to sell his personal belongings or he has been forced to give up a vacation, is the payer’s credit card balance nose diving.
5. Describe your future plans to the court
Once you have successfully proven your change in circumstances, provide a game plan or a proposed reduction. The Lepis application should also mention when the payer will be able to start making the regular payments.

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