4 Things to do while Deciding to Arrange Training for Medical Device Personnel

Author: Betty Lane
Any Medical device handling personnel must possess adequate level of training to operate the devices. Every year a lot of patients are getting injured due to accidents where device components fall on the patient, or where the patient falls off an examination table or hospital bed or a wheelchair. This article will give healthcare organizations an insight on the 4 vital things to do while deciding to arrange training for Medical Device handling Personnel.
1. Determine the Training Needs
How to determine training needs is the biggest problem found in many companies. There must be a Job description that is a controlled document. Supervisors must be capable of explaining the training requirements in the job descriptions. Supervisors must have a training plan that explains the duration of job specific training. All the training needs must be documented by the companies.
2. Change in Training Needs
Training needs could be changed if there is a specific procedure change or additional new procedure in general. If somebody moves from a position for example production to QC accepting a new responsibility, there must be a change in training needs.
3. Decide the Training Method
Trainings could be carried in classroom methods wherein an experienced person/ person who is already trained on the subject / outside expert can take class to all the participants. The other training methods could be classes/presentations, demonstration of skill or task by an expert is a significantly effective method. Other methods are online training - internally developed-with or without Q&A during or at the end a self study with resource for any questions that arise.
4. Effectiveness Checks
For checking the effectiveness of the training oral tests, written tests must be conducted, maintain the pass/fail record. There are so many software training systems which are integrated with online training. As per 21 CFR 820.70 (i), all electronic systems must be validated for their intended use.

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